Zita Izsó: Addiction
– Hungary

Zita Izsó is a poet, translator and a dramatist born in 1986. She studied law at ELTE in Budapest and has published poems and translations from English, German, French and Spanish since 2007. Her first drama Zárora (Closing Hours), which she wrote with her sister Nóra, won the main prize in a Hungarian radio drama competition. Her play Függés (Addiction) was added to the Debrecen Theatre’s repertoire in 2010. Zita Izsó’s first poetry collection Tengerlakó (Sea Inhabitant) was published in 2011, the second collection Színről színre (Face to Face) in 2014, followed four years later by Éjszakai földre érés (Night Reach of the Earth). “In relation to sin, the awareness of it, sympathy, love, human suffering, misery and (self-)obliteration, Zita Izsó’s poems question theodicy – the vindication of God. War, murder, the fates of refugees, all told through the images of pilgrimage, pursuit and Christ’s Passion are generalised in a crushing existential experience,” wrote Beatrix Visy in her review.